BTKR #051 To Do or Not To Do the Magical Express

December 14, 2017

Join me as we discuss the recent changes to Magical Express and how they will impact your runDisney Weekend!


BTKR #050 Great Gift Ideas for Runners

November 30, 2017

Join me as I share my favorite running gadgets that make exceptional gift ideas for Christmas!


BTKR #049 FAQ on runDisney Buses

November 23, 2017

Join me as we tackle the questions and anxiety on runDisney Event Transportation!


BTKR #048 Trying Out The Latest Trends in Recovery

November 16, 2017

Join me as I explore Cryotherapy and Air Compression Leg Therapy in my quest to find the best recovery for my runDisney training!


BTKR #047 Moving Forward… without Disneyland. A Look at 2018 runDisney and Beyond

November 9, 2017

Join me as I face the reality of no Disneyland races and review what is ahead for 2018 and 2019.  I also throw in some hopes and dreams!


BTKR #046 Finding The Runner’s Mindset

November 2, 2017

Join me as I discuss how to shake off the pre half marathon jitters and find your Runner's Mindset!


BTKR #045 4 Things You Need To Know About the Wine and Dine Weekend

October 26, 2017

Join me as we discuss brand new exciting things for this Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend - PLUS my traditional detailed course discussion!


BTKR #044 Beating the Dark Side of Cancer with FanGirl Megan Cullinan

October 19, 2017

Join me as Megan Cullinan shares her story of beating Breast Cancer, starting her blog, being a FanGirl and running the Dark Side 5K! 


BTKR #043 FAQ on the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo

October 12, 2017

The Health and Fitenss Expo is essential to your runDisney Experience!  Join me as we discuss the most commonly asked questions on the Expo and get ready for your next race!


BTKR #042 The Princess and the Frog - Running the Inaugural 10K at the Princess Half Weekend

October 5, 2017

Jonathan Seal, of, joins me on the Broadcast as he shares his experience as a first time runDisney participant.  Hear his story of conquering the Inaugural 10K at the Princess Half Weekend 2014!